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Casio Mods by WatchModCustom

Discover the innovation and uniqueness of our Casio Mods collection. Behind each creation, our watchmaker, Teddy, applies his talent in our workshop located in Antibes, at the heart of the South of France.

Our gallery showcases an array of styles and aesthetics. From vintage and classic designs to the most colorful ones, the challenge lies in selecting just one (or perhaps more)!

For adventure enthusiasts, rest assured that each watch is tested for water resistance up to 20 bars (200m). With his keen eye for detail, Teddy ensures that every component achieves perfection.

A "Casio Mod" is the art of transforming an original Casio watch to reflect the character and precise demands of enthusiasts. Whether in terms of aesthetic or functional enhancements, customization is at the core of this concept.

Aesthetically, every component, from the dial to the bracelet, can undergo a metamorphosis. This breathes life into timepieces that stand out, resonating with individual preferences.

Functionally, we're talking about improvements such as introducing precision movements, enhanced water resistance, or adding scratch-resistant sapphire glass to all our G-OAK models.

Owning a Casio Mod is embracing a vision of a watch that is truly personal and unique.

Each Casio Mod watch is presented in a convenient zippered protective case, perfect for your journeys and travels, or simply for safely storing it at home.

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