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Everything started after my brother gave me a watch he wouldn't wear anymore. It was a Seiko SNZF. Because it was broken, I was like, "Ok, let's fix it".

After I started, I discovered we could change absolutely everything and even go further with the customization of watches. I always had this "manual" thing, paying attention to details and caring about the item. I knew this since I was working with cars, and some parts needed attention. When things were complicated, I was always the one we'd call for it. So I started with my brother's watch, replacing hands, the crown, the bezel. And the job was pretty good !

Here we go, we created the company and started promoting my job on Instagram. Watchmodcustom was born.

Due to the Covid, all my spots were canceled. I then started to create a little space in my house (My wife was so happy about it), invested in professional material and then started modding. Here is when Watchmodcustom was born. I wouldn't be able to say when my passion has started, because I always had this thing into watches. Modding was only a way for me to go further into my passion.

Watchmodcustom is a part of me. I am very patient, calm, and I always pay attention to small details. With designing and creating watches, we could spend hours on things that 99% of people wouldn't even spot. For me, this is where we make differences. The most important thing is to give to my clients the best experience I can offer. And I do it well.

First, I've learned by doing for me, then starting to work with friends Watchmakers working for a big Swiss brand. With them, I could learn, improve my skills and close the loop.

My wife came to help me, she quitted everything to focus on the new activity we have now together. She's managing the customer relationship, the marketing and all the administrative tasks. If you contact us, she'll be the one responding to you.

Today we have our office, work together. Our relationship is even stronger than before !

We are both constantly looking after new ideas, new design, new way of "making things unique". All of that together.

Instragram helped us a lot promoting our brand, now the website will help us too. We have the idea to launch our own collection soon, we hope you'll like it. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being part of it. Being with you today means a lot to us. We hope you'll enjoy working with us as much as we love working for you.

You're reading this gives us strength, will and motivation.