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DJ 213 - Seiko Mods

CASE: Stainless Steel 316L Diameter: 39mm  Thickness: 12,5mm Horn to horn: 47mm Lug width : 20mm  Case back: Stainless steel Crown: 316L Stainless Steel, Screwed STRAP : Stainless steel 316L Lug...


DJ Turquoise 36 - Seiko Mods

CASE: Diameter: 36mm (without crown) Thickness: 13,5mm Horn to horn: 42,8mm Lug width: 20mm Case : Stainless Steel 316L, polished Case back: Sapphire clear case back Crown: 316L Stainless Steel,...


Women's Watches by Unique. Just Like You.

Are you in search of an original women's watch that stands out from the rest ? You're in the right place. At, we understand that a watch can be more than just a time-telling accessory. That's why our women's watches are as unique as you are.

No Batteries, Just Pure Style

Yes, our watches are automatic. No need to worry about batteries; they move with you. And the added bonus ? Every tick, every movement is the work of passionate professionals. With your automatic women's watch, each tick-tock is the result of meticulous assembly, ensuring not only precision and durability, but also an unparalleled aesthetic signature.

Individuality is at the Heart of Our Philosophy

No large-scale production line here. Just skilled hands and a deep love for details. Each watch is a celebration of individuality. By choosing WatchModCustom, you won't be wearing a mass-produced watch; instead, you'll wear an exclusive piece that reflects your style and personality. Our watchmaker employs premium materials and incorporates innovative designs to ensure that each watch is a complete work of art.

Discover Your Ideal Watch Today

We invite you to explore our collection and find the watch that resonates with your soul. Every woman deserves a watch that makes her feel special, confident, and elegant. With, experience personalized luxury, flawless mechanics, and unparalleled design. Dive into a world where time is not just measured, but also celebrated.

Take a look, take your time. Find the one that makes you say, "It's the one." Because at WatchModCustom, we don't just make watches, we create moments.

So, are you ready to find the watch that truly reflects you? Welcome to We're excited to show you what we have in store!

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