In this practical guide entitled "Maintaining your watch", we'll explore the various steps involved in caring for your watch and preserving its beauty over the years. We'll also look at restoring antique watches to their former glory. Finally, we'll discuss the importance of having your watch serviced when necessary to ensure its proper functioning. Whether you're a watch enthusiast or simply curious to learn more about this fascinating world, this guide is for you.

Daily care for a sparkling watch

To keep your automatic watch in top condition, it's essential to adopt a daily care routine. First of all, make sure you keep it clean by using a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe the case and bracelet regularly. Also, avoid wearing your watch under extreme conditions, such as during intense sports or heavy manual labor. In addition, remember to wind your automatic watch regularly if it is not self-winding. This will help maintain its precision and avoid unexpected stoppages. By following these simple tips, you can preserve the brilliance of your automatic watch and prolong its life.

Preserving the beauty of your watch over the years

To preserve the beauty of your watch over the years, regular maintenance is essential. First of all, as mentioned above, you should avoid wearing your watch during strenuous activity. Wearing your watch at the beach? No problem, but remember to clean it after your outing. You can keep it on your wrist while showering, or leave it in a container of clear water for a few hours. Also, keep your watch away from chemicals such as perfume or cleaning products, as they can damage the dial or bracelet. Finally, store your watch in a special box when you're not wearing it, to protect it from scratches and dust. By following these simple tips, you can preserve the beauty of your automatic watch for many years to come.

Antique watch restoration: Bringing your precious timepiece back to life

Over time, your watch, especially its case and bracelet, can become tarnished or accumulate scratches. The restoration of antique watches is an exciting process that allows you to give them a new lustre by polishing them. Specialist restoration watchmakers are also able to repair faulty parts, thoroughly clean the movement and restore the watch's aesthetics. This may involve replacing hands or even restoring the dial. Thanks to this meticulous attention, your watch will be restored to its former glory and ready to be worn again.

Have your watch serviced if necessary

An overhaul detects and corrects any problems, such as water-resistance faults due to worn gaskets or precision defects. We recommend that you have your automatic watch serviced every three to five years, depending on its use and the manufacturer's recommendations. During the overhaul, a qualified watchmaker will perform a thorough cleaning, replace defective parts and lubricate essential components. This operation guarantees the watch's smooth running and prevents future breakdowns. Don't neglect this essential step to preserve the value and performance of your automatic watch.

In conclusion, maintaining and restoring an automatic watch is important to preserve its beauty and function over the years. Daily care, preserving the watch over time and restoring antique watches are all necessary actions to prolong its life.